BOF 2022 was a success!

Ethan Turner won the 1080 Division

Adam Devenport won the 720 Division

Kevin Grassie won the 540 Division

Eric Lynch won the 360 Division

Taka, Jacobie and Ethan won the Team Division

Johannes won the Kick-King exhibition 

Chef Michelle came up with the best cuisine any tricking event has ever seen.  

Workshops were amazing, Shapes battles were spectacular, and Brandon Kamp is a fire breathing DRAGON.

Please make a small donation to Brandon, for he came to BOF and provided the firey photo opps of a lifetime! 



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2022 Special Guests

June 10-12
Manchester, CT



We are SO EXCITED to announce our TENTH Battle of Fury!

This tricking event captures our hearts and shares the soul of our beloved TDX community with trickers from near and far, movement enthusiasts, friends, family, students and future gatherers, and everyone who enjoys watching or participating in the art of TRICKING.


It is our goal to provide an outlet for trickers to train together, compete together and win money together.  That’s why we have created three different skill divisions for the 1v1 battles, with cash prizes correlating with the increase in difficulty between divisions. 


We have also created three tiers of tickets, so that more trickers can afford to come and enjoy a furious and wholesome summer gathering! 

Stay tuned for more news regarding guests, battle structures, new amenities, collaborations, workshop instructors and more.


Early bird pricing ends April 1st, get your tickets now to secure your spot at BATTLE OF FURY 2022!


Trick Dynamix

1406 Tolland Turnpike

Manchester, CT 06042


The Nightshow

Friday is about the Nightshow!

It is our goal to display tricking to the general public in the best light possible, so that we can get more people into tricking.  This means the nightshow must be HOT!  

Preliminary battles will start promptly at 6pm, and will wrap by 7:30pm. 

Nightshow starts at 8pm.  


Only 6 battles will take place in the night show.  This will ensure that the show doesn't drag for the sake of our audience members and gatherers trying to THROW DOWN.


There will be concessions, event swag, and exhibitions.  

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Workshops + Shapes Battles + Dance Party

Not into Tricking? (Yet?)

Battle of Fury

Day 2 is for





Intro to Tricking w/ TDX



Swings w/ Adam and Ethan

All Skill Levels

Beastmode w/ Johannes

Saturday is all about growth, comradery and fun.  We offer workshops and long open gym sessions for trickers to train and improve. 

Adam Devenport will be hosting Shapes battles on Saturday night.  These unique battles are matched by skill and voted by the public, using the Instagram Poll feature.  It is awesome, low stress and NOT a BRACKET!  

Join our community! 

We throw this event to bring people together so we can learn, share, trick and grow with friends, both old and new. 

Friends that trick together, stick together.