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$40 to enter. 

$20 for each battle winner. 

Paid out on Venmo / Paypal*

Custom Champ Jacket (to be shipped).

Combo Generator will scramble tricks that BOTH competitors must compete on.


Registration live July 12th 2020.

Battles will begin this August and continue into the Fall. 

Battle Videos will be released starting October into March 2021. 


Entry Rules

Trickers must perform on grass or flat ground (NO SPRINGS)

Battles will be held on Zoom, similar to CA Tricking's "Game of Trick".


that EACH have THEIR OWN

Video Recording Capabilities


Data/WiFi access.


A CAMERA PERSON (Recommended) 


We understand that this is a lot to ask. The reasoning behind it is that Zoom is not a reliable source to view and base battle

decisions off of.  


1.  We will have HD footage of your tricks to put into the post battle videos!

2.  If data or WiFi drop out (which they will), the combo you just slayed still exists for the judges and the world to see!!

More Rules:

  • Trickers must send clips of each combo to a IG DM that will be created by TDX (This is to ensure that clips are in order for judges to view at the end of the 3 rounds).

  • *Battle winnings will be paid out upon Trick Dynamix receiving both tricker's HD 60 fps battle footage



Judges are looking for how well athletes can take a set of tricks, and perform them the best.

Criteria (What's being judged):

  • Do all the generated tricks, in any order, with the minimal amount of added steps in between.

  • Do the tricks with power, precision and flow.

  • Any variation must aid to connect the next trick. (Cannot add additional 270 degrees OR extra 


For each battle, the following will be present:

2 Consistent Judges 

1 Mystery Judge 

How do these battles work?


  • Each Tricker chooses 5 tricks each, to go into their personal skill bank. 

  • TDX (Dealer) has a set skill bank, to act as wild cards in the game.

  • The generator selects 5 tricks (Source of the tricks varies each round) (Transitions NOT included)

  • Both trickers have the freedom to arrange those tricks however they please, tricker to use the least additional steps is preferred.

  • 3 Live judges decide who performed it better based on execution, flow and creativity.

  • Tie Breaker - Both trickers must perform the combo in the order that the generator originally outputted.

  • If your hands touch the ground unintentionally, the combo is forfeit. 

  • 1 RE-DO per Battle, for each tricker.


Trick banks to go into the generator in the beginning of the battle:

Tricker A Combo Bank - 5 of their favorite tricks

Tricker B Combo Bank - 5 of their favorite tricks

Dealer Combo BANK - Aerial, Scoot, Spin Hook, Tornado, Back/Front Sweep


Coin Toss:

Winner chooses who's bank will be used first + who will perform first.


First round -

Combo using:

3 of Tricker A's Bank + 2 Dealer tricks


Second Round -

Combo using:

3 of Tricker B's Bank + 2 Dealer tricks


Third round

Combo using: 

2 Tricker A’s Bank + 2 Tricker B’s Bank + 1 Dealer trick

How / What!?
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